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Breathe In & Relax

Are you breathing correctly? Breathing correctly should be a given but with everyday stresses and respiratory conditions this isn’t always the case. The vast majority of people are doing short shallow breaths using their upper ribs and the surrounding muscles that attach on to the neck. As the breath isn’t being pulled right down into […]

Lock-down : The Physical Impacts

We are all well aware of the impact that Covid-19 is having on health systems around the world and what this can do to an individuals health. However, I want to talk briefly about the type of physical problems people have been contacting me about as a result of lock-down and what you can do […]

Sciatica – What is it? Treatments & Tips:

Sciatica: What is it? Sciatica put simply is a symptom that describes an irritation or compression of the Sciatic Nerve which exits from the lower back.

Plantar Fascitis

Pain at the base of your foot! Sometimes referred to as “Police Man’s Heel” plantar fascitis is a condition that predominantly effects the base of one or both feet.


Causes, treatments and self help for those who suffer from neck pain or stiffness.

Perfect Posture?!

Bad Posture? You’re not alone. We can help. Read more here!


What should we do when pain strikes? Should I apply hot or cold? Will I make it better or worse? The answers are not always straight forward.

What is Osteopathy?

What is Osteopathy? What does an Osteopath do? This post will tell you how we think and what we do!

Top Tips on Sleeping with Back Pain

Does back pain prevent you from sleeping at night or does it wake you when you do get to sleep? Try these simple tips for a better nights sleep.

Discs Don’t Slip!

Discs don’t slip, never have and never will. So what is a “slipped disc” and how can Osteopathy help?

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