Rehabilitation and Prevention

**Only Carry Out These Exercises As Part of a Prescribed Plan**

Upper Back / Posture

A series of videos to encourage thoracic mobility, relieve tension and improve posture. Essential for desk based workers.

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Posture Exercises

Lower Back

This section contains videos for the lumbar spine. Mobilty and stretching exerises to reduce lower back stiffness improve mobility and relieve sciatica.

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Rehabilitation for the shoulder girdle. Contains videos to strengthen the rotator cuff, treat frozen shoulder and rehabilitate after shoulder injury.

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Frozen Shoulder

Hip / Knee

Exercises to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis of the knee and hip. Strengthen the pelvis and rehabilitate after knee injuries like ligament sprains, cartilidge damage and meniscal tears.

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Knee and Ankle Pain

Foot / Ankle

Foot and ankle mobility exercises. Specific routines to prevent plantar fascitis, mortons neuroma as wells as sprains.

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Anklke and Foot Pain


Ideally done in conjuction with thoracic mobility, this section contains exercises to help to stretch the neck tissues and relieve tensions in the shoulders.

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Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment

Hand and wrist

Hand and wrist exercises to help to prevent condtions such as tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve entrapments.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Additional Videos

Assorted videos to advise on the best tips to prevent and relieve back pain when it strikes. Also includes ergonomic asseesment information.

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