Perfect Posture?!

Posture is something we all worry about particularly when we become aware of our shoulders rounding out or a hunch developing. Postural problems will also often manifest as painful stiff upper back or discomfort in the shoulders which we feel the need to rub or stretch out.

Why do we suffer from this?

Its important to realise that no one has perfect posture in real life but that we can have big impacts on this in what we do and do not do. Unfortunately lifestyles in the modern world often lead to issues with posture. Looking down at your phone/tablet or spending large parts of the day working sitting at an office desk can have a big impact our spine & neck. The way I sometimes describe this is that if we spend long periods in these positions it is almost like we are training our bodies to stay this way, when eventually we come out of the position and try to straighten up we can only achieve this for a short time comfortably. This is because the posterior muscles of the upper back simply no longer have the strength to hold us up and the spine has lost some of its flexibility in this range.

What can I do to improve my posture?

The first and most important thing to do is increase the amount of time you spend out of these aggravating positions. This means breaks from the desk every 20-30 minutes or better still getting a standing desk which you can integrate to your office set up.

Secondly is treatment, an osteopath can help you to relive the painful/achy symptoms to ensure that you can continue to function properly in life and work. This will be a combination of soft tissue work and spinal mobility or possibly manipulation to free off these stiff/sore muscles and joints.

Exercises are the next phase once the pain has been remedied. The exercise will be focused to strengthen the posterior spine and improve your spinal mobility as a whole to keep you moving into a pain free future.

Other considerations will be lifestyle factors such as diet and ergonomic setups and this will be discussed with you during your treatments

Act Fast:

Its important to remember that postural issues are compensating and will build up over time. If you continue to do the same things in the same way and do not seek advice or treatment then the problem is likely to get worse. So give us as call now and see how we can help you!

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