Plantar Fascitis

Pain at the base of your foot!

Sometimes referred to as “Police Man’s Heel” plantar fascitis is a condition that predominantly effects the base of one or both feet. It is characterised by a pain that is usually intense in the morning where even putting the foot on the ground can cause considerable discomfort. While this is commonly seen in people who work in professions that involve long periods of standing or walking (Policemen, Nurses, Bar Staff etc) the reality is that it can affect anyone often without provocation.

What is Plantar Fascitis?

Simply put it is an irritation of the Fascia which lines the base of the foot and supports the arch. Fascia is a type of connective tissue that does not hav elastic properties like normal muscle which is why this can often be an ongoing problem if not treated correctly.

What are the symptoms of Plantar Fascitis?

Generally pain at the base of the foot either along the middle arch or more localised to the ball of the foot near the heel. Often worse in the morning and with increased activity. Flat foot wear such as sandals or flip flops will usually aggravate the symptoms.

What can be done to help?

There are a number of treatments that we use to rectify this condition. These include addressing the tissues that are causing dysfunction, advice on footwear or possible orthotic prescription , exercise programs and occasionally needling depending on patient preference.

What should i do if i think i have Plantar Fascitis?

Call us today on 085-8726955 or email us with a list of your symptoms or book an appointment to have it assessed. It is important to act quickly with this condition to prevent it becoming chronic.

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