Sciatica – What is it? Treatments & Tips:

Sciatica: What is it?

Sciatica put simply is a symptom that describes an irritation or compression of the Sciatic Nerve which exits from the lower back.

People will usually experience this as a pain down one leg though this can also manifest as; pins and needles, burning, numbness or even a lack of power in the leg. The experience will depend on what is causing the Sciatica and where the irritation is happening, there are a number of reasons that this can occur.

Sciatica is not a diagnosis

It is important to note that Sciatica itself is not a diagnosis but rather a symptom of some other type of dysfunction in the body. It is essential that the correct cause of your Sciatica be determined.

What causes Sciatica?

Sciatica can be caused by a number of things, Compression of the nerve root in the spine is common this can be due to a herniated disc or compressed facet joint in the lumbar spine pushing onto the sciatic nerve and causing symptoms in the leg. Muscular compression is also possible this is usually caused by the muscles which overlay the nerve (piriformis and gluteals) . Occasionally, though rarely, sciatica can also be caused by a space occupying lesion of the lower back whether benign or malignant.

What should i do?

If you begin to experience Sciatic symptoms please consult a healthcare practitioner as they will be able to determine the root cause of the irritation itself and only then can a treatment be prescribed.

Treatment for Sciatica:

If your sciatica is determined to be coming from a bio-mechanical source like a disc, joint or a muscle then your Osteopath will be able to help and advise on a course of treatment. However it may be necessary to refer you on to a GP or to have a scan either during or before treatment commences.

**In rare cases you may experience Sciatic symptoms which travel into both legs, in this instance it is essential that you seek immediate medical aid as this may imply a more severe level of compression to the spinal cord**

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