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My Story

Positive Balance Osteopathy has been helping people in pain for the last 5 years. Our focus and mission is to get you back to doing the things you love through gentle and effective body work.  

Tony Doorley - Osteopath

Having played Rugby for Presentation College Bray & Greystones in my youth I picked up my fair share of injuries both back and sport related. This led me to various forms of therapies each with their own styles of treatment and ways of assessing injury. Fortunately, it also brought me to my aunt Jean Doorley who had been practicing Osteopathy in Bray for many years who has a wealth of experience in this regard. It was during these treatments that I initially took an interest in Osteopathy as I found it to be highly effective therapy with great results.

My wife and I immigrated to London in 2010 so I could begin studying Osteopathy and she could begin her career in nursing. The first few years there were a challenge as I had to work full time, attend lectures at the weekend and also fit in student clinics in the evenings. This put strain on the finances and on personal relationships.

Gladly however with the support of my wife, family and friends I managed to get through the full 5 year course.  Working during this time also gave me the opportunity to work in some interesting roles within the NHS and broaden my knowledge base on the workings of the health system as a whole. This time gave me time to mature as a practitioner and I feel now informs my Osteopathic treatment.

Now that I have come through the other side I really enjoy working as an Osteopath particularly in a country where it is a lesser known form of treatment. It gives me a massive opportunity to introduce people to our style of dealing with pain and injury in much the same as my aunt did for me.  It is always gratifying to have people come back to me after treatment and tell me how good they feel after weeks or even years of pain. Every day now brings on a new challenge and someone with a unique condition or circumstances which helps to keep me on my toes and continue to learn and develop as an Osteopath.

Tony Doorley

Owner and Principal Osteopath

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