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  • What do you treat ? Is it just backs?
    We treat all manner of musculoskeletal complaints in all areas of the body. If unsure about a specific condition contact me directly by phone or email to enquire.
  • How much does a treatment cost?
    All treatments cost €65 and are covered by health insurance. Usually this means that your insurer will cover 50% of the cost (in some cases more than this). Check your policy for coverage.
  • How many treatments will i need ?
    Number of treatments will depend on a variety of factors such as length of the complaint, age, severity, etc. Some people will only see us once but most will need a bit more. We will try to give an idea of treatment length and frequency after your first visit.
  • Will it hurt?
    Treatments are generally gentle and adapted to the tolerance of the individual patient. There can be some discomfort for a couple of days post treatment but this will usually ease out after 48 hours. Techniques such as spinal manipulation and dry needling are only used in line with the patients preference and consent.
  • Do you treat during pregnancy ?
    Yes, Osteopathy can be a great treatment pathway during pregnancy and is recommended by the Domino midwifery service. Spinal manipulation and dry needling will not be used in the first trimester.
  • Do you treat children?
    We see children above the age of 6 years old. For recommendations for a local paedatric osteopath please contact me directly.
  • Is there parking or transport links nearby ?
    There is some on street parking on the Killarney road though this can be busy. There is a car park in the Primary Care Centre on the Killarney Rd this is generally not bus. Take a ticket at the barrier and you can pay at the exit barrier with contactless payment. The clinic is within walking distance of bus and rail services.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Payment can be made after treatment by cash, card or online payment.
  • How do I claim from my insurance?
    You will be issued a receipt after your treatment by email. This should be sent to your insurer to claim back on insurance.
  • Do you do vouchers?
    Yes, we can provide physical vouchers. Usually they will be for a fixed number of sessions.
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